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MainstayFusion has launched a new health website, – Smart Products-Smart Life!

MainstayFusion’s, new division the maker of Weight Loss and Skin Care

supplements, has launched a new website., 10/02/2014 – Bakersfield, CA IntelliNutrient’s nutritional supplement website combines two exciting and seemingly diverse new products. Forzá is a natural weight loss supplement derived from an Asian fruit and Addolá is a wheat based Phytoceramide skin care supplement in capsule form. Both are sold through The site will be of tremendous value to adults who want to either lose the extra fat around their middle and/or want to rehydrate their skin from the “inside out” and reduce their crow’s feet and wrinkles with Phytoceramides. “These are cutting edge natural supplements that are easy to take and provide remarkable results” said Mark Whyte, the President of IntelliNutrients. “The combination of weight loss and skin care may strike some as an odd grouping. But studies over the years have found that weight loss and skin care both relate to how we see ourselves and how we perform in our lives because of that self-perspective. As such, helping both men and women to shed the extra weight they’ve gained or to see their face look as much as 10 years younger, can literally boost their performance in life, family or career.”

“The beautiful thing about both Forzá and Addolá is they are both derived from normal food products. Neither has shown any side effects, and both have shown excellent results.” Whyte states. “Think about it, Addolá for instance, is a skin care product that hydrates your skin at the cellular level and you simply take 1 capsule with a glass of water, once a day. That is both an amazing and a wonderfully trouble-free approach to better skin.” said Mark Whyte.

About Mainstay

Fusion:Mark Whyte is the owner of the newly developed weight loss and skin care site, Its two “kick-off” products, Forzá and Addolá are all natural products. The products are sold through Go to the company’s web site for additional information and receive 2 Free Reports to catapult your weight loss and your skin care.  Mark Whyte is a seasoned online and offline marketer. He directs his marketing efforts for both his own health supplement products and for local businesses. MainstayFusion provides marketing consult services as well as a full variety of nutritional and other merchandise through Contact Mark @



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California, United States,

Phone: (+1) – 6618358215,


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